P9 Portfolio

Portfolio (Scribd.com):

Project Corrections/Time spent: The first project I corrected was my flier and I spent about 45 mins on it. I first got rid of the image and the side box. Then I cropped the image in word so that only part of it was showing. I then add two boxes; one on top of the image and one on the bottom of the image. I moved around my text so that it fit the new page as well as made sure it was aligned. To finish I added one more box to the bottom of the page to give it a border look when I would cut it to make it a full bleed. The second project I corrected was my event ad and that took me about 1 hour and 15 mins. I got rid of everything on the page except for my title and body copy. That way I wouldn’t have to retype it but I could start over. I made my image smaller because it was originally competing with my title so now my title is the main focus when you first look at my flier. I moved my body copy over to the left the way the picture was aligned with my body copy. I put back in the logo and added a box around it.

Top 3 things learned in this course:
1) I learned how to use the different Adobe programs.
2) I learned that when creating a flier or any other project to use the design logos to help make the project flow and look better.
3) I learned that small text and white space is a good thing.

Future application of Visual Media: Even though I may not use this as a news anchor I can still use it in my personal life when creating fliers or event ads. I could even make my own announcements for weddings and babies.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign

Font #1 Name & Category: Arrus BT, Script

Font #2 Name & Category: Cochin, Oldstyle

Thumbnails of Images used: 


Sources (Links to images on orginal websites): http://cgtextures.com/texview.php?id=6698&PHPSESSID=9op9knhb3ra4e8rk0ug61g37k3


Project 8 Brochure







Description: A two sided (duplex) brochure for A Sweet Favor.
Process: I first created a document in InDesign with margins and guides to allow me to allign everything. The first document has the front and back and then second has the inside of the brochure. I started with the inside first. I added my two picutres as well as my text boxes. I went into Photoshop and had to cut out an image from its background so that I can use it as a text wrap. Once I did that I went back into InDesign and added my picture that I wanted text wrapped. I then when to the front/back. I created 3 different shapes for the front and then added my logo to the middle shape. On the back I put my contact information as well as added a picture.
Top 3 things learned:

  1. I learned how to cute an image out of its background using Photoshop.
  2. I learned how to set up a grid with guides.
  3. I learned how to print a duplex folding brochure in InDesign.

Program(s) / Tools used: Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop
Title Font Name & Category: Palatino Linotype, Oldstyle
Copy Font Name & Category: Palatino Linotype, Oldstyle
Word Count261
Thumbnails of Images used:

images12 images (1) download download (1)
Sources (Links to images on orginal websites):





Project 7: Web Page

Project Screenshot: 



Description: The webpage I designed to showcase my logo that I created.
Process: Before this project I had never used or even heard of HTML/CSS. I designed this website using Notepad which is an editing app. I have no idea how webpages were created so it was really interesting and cool to see my webpage come to life. Once I created my HTML and added my image I then linked a pre-made CSS document. This allowed me to change the style of the website. From there I added my colors, fonts, borders, and so forth. I also had to add padding so that everything was aligned and not to close to the edge.
Top 3 things learned: 

1. How to create an HTML page.

2. How to change the style of a webpage such as color and spacing using CSS.

3. How to match colors and get the Hex codes using Photoshop.
Programs/Tools Used: Notepad and Photoshop
Font Family #1 (all names) & Category: Comic Sans MS, Cursive, Sans-Serif; Sans Serif
Font Family #2 (all names) & Category: Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua, Palatino, serif; Sans Serif
Hex Colors: Pink #ec008c; White #ffffff; Black #000000; I used an rgba for my background color so that it would create transparency. rgba(173, 216, 230, .8);
Changes made to the CSS: I changed the font families, the colors, made the edges of my border rounded, and added a transparency to the body.

P6 Stationery Project










Business Card (8.5 x 11 Layout): 



Business Card (Large Layout):



Description: I created a business card and letterhead for my mothers candy company using an original logo that I created.
Process: In order to create my logo I used Adobe Illustrator. First started out by using type and then moved on to the shape tool. Once I created my logo I used Adobe InDesign to create my business card and letterhead. For my business card I created two text-boxes to make my outline. Then I copied my logo over from Illustrator and added my contact information. I also added a picture that my mom had taken of her cake pops she had made. Then I created my letterhead. I copied over my logo and my contact information. In order to keep in unified with my business card I kept the dots along the bottom of the page.
Top 3 things learned:
1) I learned how to brand a company based off of a logo that is used on the business card and letterhead.
2) I learned how to create shapes as well as text-boxes in Illustrator.
3) I learned how to copy my entire design over to another document and re-size it.
Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Curlz MT & Design
Stationery – Font #1 Name & Category: Minion Pro & Oldstyle
How the logo represents the company: The company makes chocolate candy for weddings and various events. The decorative font I feel represents candy and sweet. I used the dots to add color as well as represent chocolate chips.

Project 5 Logos



Description: Three different logos for the same company.
Process: It was a little difficult to design logos using illustrator but it went well I think. For the first logo I used the shape tool to create the circles of the lollipops and then the pen tool to create the sticks. The other logos I just used the shape tool and the rest is typography. I used different fonts for each logo to create contrast.
Top 3 things learned:
1) I learned how to draw using the pen tool.
2) I learned how to change the amount of points on a shape.
3) I learned how to create a design from an image.
Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator
Top Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Swing Bold & Script
Middle Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: American Typewriter & Slab Serif
Bottom Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Curlz MT & Decorative
How the logo represents the company: A Sweet Favor is a candy business. The first one represents the company with the lollipos in the background. The second and third are colorful like candy and have the name of the company.
Votes on favorite logo:
Top Logo = 4 ; Middle Logo = 3 ; Bottom Logo = 3 ;
My favorite logo was the top logo.

Project 4 Montage



Description: A montage of my missionary in the Philippines.

Process: I retrieved my pictures from emails that my missionary Cory has sent me. Then started with my background and added each picture individually. For each picture I used a mask so that I could blend them together to form a montage. I used the brush tool with a few different levels of opacity to make the three top images look ghostly. I then added a quote about missionaries. The last thing I did was add a warming filter to the entire montage.

Top 3 Things Learned:

  1. I learned how to create a mask.
  2. I learned how to use the brush tool to blend the pictures.
  3. I learned how to add effects to your text.

Programs/Tools used: Adobe Photoshop

Font #1 Name and Category: Lithos Pro and Decorative

Thumbnails of Images used:

Picture 110  clark 009  Bengui July (13)  bengui july (5)

Sources: Cory Clark

Project 3 Imaging



Description: Personally took a photograph of my roommate in the gardens on campus that was then edited in Photoshop.

Process: I rented a camera from the library which I used to take a picture of my roommate. Then I took my photo into Photoshop and cropped it into 6 x 6 inch. I added a warming filter (85) to the whole image as well as desaturated the background.

Top 3 things I learned: 

  1. I learned how to use the different settings on a camera.
  2. I learned how to colorize, saturate, and add a filter to an image in Photoshop.
  3. I learned how to size an image as well as crop in Photoshop.

Programs/Tools used:

  • Cannon Point and Shoot Camera
  • Adobe Photoshop

6 x 6 cropped/edited image:



Original unedited/uncropped image:


Project 2 Event Ad


Description: Using Microsoft Word I created a full-bleed color event ad to for the Chamber of Commerce.

Process: I scanned the ice cream image, then using Microsoft Word I created the ad. I chose an image that would grab the audiences attention and used the coloring to create contrast throughout the ad. I used for the title a font that represented ice cream and a body copy font that created additional contrast.

Top 3 things learned:

1)  I learned how to properly scan an image to the computer and about pixels.

2) I learned how to edit pictures using Microsoft Word.

3) I learned that there is more to Microsoft Word then just typing an essay.

Program(s) / Tools used: Microsoft Word, Epson Scanner, PDF2JPG.net (PDF converter)

Font #1 Name & Category: Curlz MT- Script

Font #2 Name & Category: Bookman Old Style- Oldstyle

Scanned images used,  sources, original sizes: Magazine, 1212 x 1290


Project 1 Flier


Description: Black and white promotional flier for Vouant Communications who is holding a graduate leadership conference.

Process: The first thing I did was create four different sketches for my layout. I then went into Adobe InDesign and combined aspects of all four of my sketches to get the layout that I have used. I used black and grey throughout the paper to create contrast as well as a picture facing inward to create flow. I grouped the text together based off of relationship and used small body copy. The image, logo, and text was provided for this flier.

Top 3 things learned:
I learned how to use Adobe InDesign. 
I learned about proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast and flow (PARC-F).

Program(s) / Tools used: Adobe InDesign
Title Font Name & Category: Apple Chancery – Script
Copy Font Name & Category: Minion Pro – Oldstyle
Links to all images you used in this project: https://byui.brainhoney.com/Frame/Component/CoursePlayer?enrollmentid=15171446

2. https://byui.brainhoney.com/Frame/Component/CoursePlayer?enrollmentid=15171446