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Project Corrections/Time spent: The first project I corrected was my flier and I spent about 45 mins on it. I first got rid of the image and the side box. Then I cropped the image in word so that only part of it was showing. I then add two boxes; one on top of the image and one on the bottom of the image. I moved around my text so that it fit the new page as well as made sure it was aligned. To finish I added one more box to the bottom of the page to give it a border look when I would cut it to make it a full bleed. The second project I corrected was my event ad and that took me about 1 hour and 15 mins. I got rid of everything on the page except for my title and body copy. That way I wouldn’t have to retype it but I could start over. I made my image smaller because it was originally competing with my title so now my title is the main focus when you first look at my flier. I moved my body copy over to the left the way the picture was aligned with my body copy. I put back in the logo and added a box around it.

Top 3 things learned in this course:
1) I learned how to use the different Adobe programs.
2) I learned that when creating a flier or any other project to use the design logos to help make the project flow and look better.
3) I learned that small text and white space is a good thing.

Future application of Visual Media: Even though I may not use this as a news anchor I can still use it in my personal life when creating fliers or event ads. I could even make my own announcements for weddings and babies.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign

Font #1 Name & Category: Arrus BT, Script

Font #2 Name & Category: Cochin, Oldstyle

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Sources (Links to images on orginal websites): http://cgtextures.com/texview.php?id=6698&PHPSESSID=9op9knhb3ra4e8rk0ug61g37k3


Project 8 Brochure







Description: A two sided (duplex) brochure for A Sweet Favor.
Process: I first created a document in InDesign with margins and guides to allow me to allign everything. The first document has the front and back and then second has the inside of the brochure. I started with the inside first. I added my two picutres as well as my text boxes. I went into Photoshop and had to cut out an image from its background so that I can use it as a text wrap. Once I did that I went back into InDesign and added my picture that I wanted text wrapped. I then when to the front/back. I created 3 different shapes for the front and then added my logo to the middle shape. On the back I put my contact information as well as added a picture.
Top 3 things learned:

  1. I learned how to cute an image out of its background using Photoshop.
  2. I learned how to set up a grid with guides.
  3. I learned how to print a duplex folding brochure in InDesign.

Program(s) / Tools used: Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop
Title Font Name & Category: Palatino Linotype, Oldstyle
Copy Font Name & Category: Palatino Linotype, Oldstyle
Word Count261
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