Project 7: Web Page

Project Screenshot: 



Description: The webpage I designed to showcase my logo that I created.
Process: Before this project I had never used or even heard of HTML/CSS. I designed this website using Notepad which is an editing app. I have no idea how webpages were created so it was really interesting and cool to see my webpage come to life. Once I created my HTML and added my image I then linked a pre-made CSS document. This allowed me to change the style of the website. From there I added my colors, fonts, borders, and so forth. I also had to add padding so that everything was aligned and not to close to the edge.
Top 3 things learned: 

1. How to create an HTML page.

2. How to change the style of a webpage such as color and spacing using CSS.

3. How to match colors and get the Hex codes using Photoshop.
Programs/Tools Used: Notepad and Photoshop
Font Family #1 (all names) & Category: Comic Sans MS, Cursive, Sans-Serif; Sans Serif
Font Family #2 (all names) & Category: Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua, Palatino, serif; Sans Serif
Hex Colors: Pink #ec008c; White #ffffff; Black #000000; I used an rgba for my background color so that it would create transparency. rgba(173, 216, 230, .8);
Changes made to the CSS: I changed the font families, the colors, made the edges of my border rounded, and added a transparency to the body.


P6 Stationery Project










Business Card (8.5 x 11 Layout): 



Business Card (Large Layout):



Description: I created a business card and letterhead for my mothers candy company using an original logo that I created.
Process: In order to create my logo I used Adobe Illustrator. First started out by using type and then moved on to the shape tool. Once I created my logo I used Adobe InDesign to create my business card and letterhead. For my business card I created two text-boxes to make my outline. Then I copied my logo over from Illustrator and added my contact information. I also added a picture that my mom had taken of her cake pops she had made. Then I created my letterhead. I copied over my logo and my contact information. In order to keep in unified with my business card I kept the dots along the bottom of the page.
Top 3 things learned:
1) I learned how to brand a company based off of a logo that is used on the business card and letterhead.
2) I learned how to create shapes as well as text-boxes in Illustrator.
3) I learned how to copy my entire design over to another document and re-size it.
Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Curlz MT & Design
Stationery – Font #1 Name & Category: Minion Pro & Oldstyle
How the logo represents the company: The company makes chocolate candy for weddings and various events. The decorative font I feel represents candy and sweet. I used the dots to add color as well as represent chocolate chips.

Project 5 Logos



Description: Three different logos for the same company.
Process: It was a little difficult to design logos using illustrator but it went well I think. For the first logo I used the shape tool to create the circles of the lollipops and then the pen tool to create the sticks. The other logos I just used the shape tool and the rest is typography. I used different fonts for each logo to create contrast.
Top 3 things learned:
1) I learned how to draw using the pen tool.
2) I learned how to change the amount of points on a shape.
3) I learned how to create a design from an image.
Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator
Top Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Swing Bold & Script
Middle Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: American Typewriter & Slab Serif
Bottom Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Curlz MT & Decorative
How the logo represents the company: A Sweet Favor is a candy business. The first one represents the company with the lollipos in the background. The second and third are colorful like candy and have the name of the company.
Votes on favorite logo:
Top Logo = 4 ; Middle Logo = 3 ; Bottom Logo = 3 ;
My favorite logo was the top logo.