Project 4 Montage



Description: A montage of my missionary in the Philippines.

Process: I retrieved my pictures from emails that my missionary Cory has sent me. Then started with my background and added each picture individually. For each picture I used a mask so that I could blend them together to form a montage. I used the brush tool with a few different levels of opacity to make the three top images look ghostly. I then added a quote about missionaries. The last thing I did was add a warming filter to the entire montage.

Top 3 Things Learned:

  1. I learned how to create a mask.
  2. I learned how to use the brush tool to blend the pictures.
  3. I learned how to add effects to your text.

Programs/Tools used: Adobe Photoshop

Font #1 Name and Category: Lithos Pro and Decorative

Thumbnails of Images used:

Picture 110  clark 009  Bengui July (13)  bengui july (5)

Sources: Cory Clark


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