Project 3 Imaging



Description: Personally took a photograph of my roommate in the gardens on campus that was then edited in Photoshop.

Process: I rented a camera from the library which I used to take a picture of my roommate. Then I took my photo into Photoshop and cropped it into 6 x 6 inch. I added a warming filter (85) to the whole image as well as desaturated the background.

Top 3 things I learned: 

  1. I learned how to use the different settings on a camera.
  2. I learned how to colorize, saturate, and add a filter to an image in Photoshop.
  3. I learned how to size an image as well as crop in Photoshop.

Programs/Tools used:

  • Cannon Point and Shoot Camera
  • Adobe Photoshop

6 x 6 cropped/edited image:



Original unedited/uncropped image:



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