Project 2 Event Ad


Description: Using Microsoft Word I created a full-bleed color event ad to for the Chamber of Commerce.

Process: I scanned the ice cream image, then using Microsoft Word I created the ad. I chose an image that would grab the audiences attention and used the coloring to create contrast throughout the ad. I used for the title a font that represented ice cream and a body copy font that created additional contrast.

Top 3 things learned:

1)  I learned how to properly scan an image to the computer and about pixels.

2) I learned how to edit pictures using Microsoft Word.

3) I learned that there is more to Microsoft Word then just typing an essay.

Program(s) / Tools used: Microsoft Word, Epson Scanner, (PDF converter)

Font #1 Name & Category: Curlz MT- Script

Font #2 Name & Category: Bookman Old Style- Oldstyle

Scanned images used,  sources, original sizes: Magazine, 1212 x 1290



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